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My passion for flowers started when I was 18 years old. I walked into my cousin’s flower shop in North London and knew I was going to have something like this one day!

Whilst completing my floristry course I became very frustrated as, I didn’t think it allowed me to be as creative as I would have liked to have been, and whilst I did learn a few new techniques I knew I needed to explore and learn the art of floristry myself in order to become the florist I wanted to be.

My first job was when I worked part time in a florist in Kent. I enjoyed this job and applied myself to this role which later led to me being given the opportunity to buy the shop! I grabbed the opportunity with both hands but at the age of 20, this became the biggest shock as being responsible for the entire business was very overwhelming and such a challenge.

I persevered through and as the business grew and changed direction into the world of weddings, I knew it was time to abandon the shop outlet. Cupid Creative has now outgrown and chose to invest in an industrial unit to allow us to meet the demands of our client base.

20 years on, Cupid Creative have had the pleasure of working alongside world renowned hotels and event planners in the UK and also internationally.

Cupid Creative absolutely love working with our clients and look forward to working with you and making your dreams and visions come to life.

Love Team Cupid x

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